Pyramid Education Services

The Admissions Process

Not setting up the right sales process, can lead your business into disaster. No sales process doesn’t help your customer service either, with your customer experiencing something different each time they meet with your sales team.

Teaching your sales team to follow a process to ensure all information is delivered to a good customer service outcome helps increase sales.

good customer Service

Performance Metrics

The performance metrics helps the sales team know where they are performing well and where there is sales opportunity. The performance metrics also tie back to the marketing plan. There is a daily FLASH Report that comes out daily to remind the team of where they stand.

performance management

Marketing Science

The marketing truly becomes a science using cost per leads, cost per enrolments and cost per starts. Scientifically working our way back from a student start backwards in the funnel to figure out how many leads we need to hit our targets. Connecting our performance management tools.

marketing science